"Not everyone can do great things, but with great love, any of us can do small things!"

"Not everyone can do great things, but with great love any of us can do small things" - Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

It's for you!


Through the heart-warming stories of children and adults, you will learn how the lives of those who are suffering can be turned for good with your help!


Through our films, you can get a glimpse into the lives of our patients, our staff, our volunteers and the everyday life of our work!


All help counts! Your donation can make a lasting difference in the world: people can be healed! Thank you very much! 

You can use the daily prayer guide in Hungarian, which is produced in English in the worldwide family of the Lepramissiion!
Here you can read daily devotions in English, written and used by our staff in 33 countries of the International Leprosy Union! You are welcome to use them!
We have prepared and recommend the materials here for children, parents, teachers, pastors and faith educators. You are welcome to use them!

Our news

The Director of the Myanmar Leprosy Mission has reached out to all leprosy member countries, including us, for help. They ask and hope that we can contribute to the recovery from the terrible devastation.
Check out the "World Leprosy Day" 2023. 2023 in Budapest to get a better understanding of our work.
29.01.2023 - The last Sunday in January each year, "World Leprosy Day", is a time of hope for our patients. They look to us to represent them worldwide
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