Since then, we consider the work of the team that prepared and carried out the leprosy mission event in Balatonlelle as a model of good organisation. Many people say: 'you can't move people today, they are tired, overwhelmed, especially on a Sunday afternoon...' The success of the leprosy mission event in Balatonlelle is a refutation of this opinion.
How to organise an event well? We would like the example of Lelle to be followed in as many municipalities as possible, and to invite the Lepramissiio to give a presentation, organise the event and then celebrate its success!

What is the "secret"?

1. We need an enthusiastic, dedicated organiser who lives locally, knows almost everyone and has a passion for Lepramism.
2. he starts the organisation in time (a few months before), on the basis of the mandate of the leader of the Lepramism Mission.
The Mayor, clergymen of different denominations, school heads, doctors, heads of social and cultural institutions are invited to participate in the organisation of the event.
4. Find and reserve the location and the most suitable time after tripartite consultation with the Lepramissiio.
5. Coordinate with the leader of the Lepramism Mission on the location, date, theme, technical and other needs, and activities of the planned event.
6. Communicate them to the local authorities.
7) Invite the local media to contribute.
8) Assess how many posters will realistically be needed.
9) The Lepramissiion will provide leaflets and posters on this basis.
10) The local organiser will compile a list of names and addresses in the local area and the surrounding area where the Lepramissiion can post the posters.
11.) The Lepramissiio will send an invitation to the supporters of the event living in and around the municipality.
12.) Children learn poems with the help of their pastor or teacher (available on the Lepramissiio website.)
13) The local city government will promote the event on its own website and other platforms.
l4.) The organiser keeps the matter afloat until the last minute, reminders on the spot, final consultations.

The event was attended by nearly 100 people from the local and regional area, including heads of institutions.
The Head of the Municipal House of Culture opened the event. The leader of the Lepramissiio gave a presentation. Children recited poems on the theme.
The local media were present, covering the event throughout, and interviewing the director of the Lepramissiio.
Finally, all participants received a leaflet and some leprosy publications as a memento.

The Lepramissiio would like to thank our volunteer Edit Peinlich from Balatonlelle, the main organizer, for her dedicated work, her all-encompassing care and her guidance of the organization.
We would like to thank Mr István Kenéz, Mayor of Budapest, for the patronage,
Father Jenő Kovács, Reformed Pastor Levente Szabó for the organization,
Mr. Zoltán Hartmann, Director of the House of Culture, for the venue and the host's welcome speech,
László Tóth, the cameraman, for the recording,
Mr András Tóth, editor of the city newspaper, for introducing the news,
Ramóna Bíró, cultural organiser, for her multifaceted coordination,
Leventéné Reni Szabó to train the children,
Ádám Zsilinszky for all his efforts.
God bless you all!

We hope that more people in the country will be inspired to follow their example and set an example of helping the world's most oppressed by organising a Lepramis Mission demonstration!

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