How can your company help?

Help us to help you!

We are not all lucky enough to have health, to have jobs, to send our children to school, to travel freely. However with a little help, we can change lives among our unfortunate people, so that their children can go to school, their parents can go to work, can walk on their own two feet, and take control of their lives, both figuratively and concretely.

Last year, a generous donation from a fellow countryman enabled us to equip an entire ward of the Premananda leprosy hospital in Calcutta with modern machines. Even if not many people can afford that much, we can go a long way with a lot of small help.

What can you and your company do?

Organise a collection among your employees to help children and adults affected by leprosy, e.g. up to the price of their daily coffee (300 HUF) and if you can, contribute the same.
All from 6.000 Ft-a leprosy patient can get a pair of special rubber sandals to protect their diseased feet. 7.000 Ft-a leprosy patient can get a pair of soft shoes.

Donate to help the patients in our hospital in Calcutta:
10.000 Ft needed for a moderately infected patient to make a full recovery.

Offer a hand surgery!
40.000 Ft-a patient can have both hands operated on, and their crooked fingers straightened and made usable again.

Give the gift of a home to a family!
150.000 Ft-can give a patient and their family a modest but healthy home in which they can live safely.

Donate a well to a municipality!
400.000 Ft-donate a well to a community in Congo to provide thousands of people with healthy, clean drinking water.

You can also help leprosy patients in India by contributing to our activities here, e.g. by advertising on a media platform related to our mission.

We can issue tax base reduction certificates for companies.

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