How do we help?

In 2021, we committed to help in Congo, India and Myanmar


In Kuakua, south-western Congo, a well has been built to provide healthy, clean drinking water to the local population.

The well, with a flow rate of 40 litres per minute, provides water for a total of 1,325 inhabitants of 3 villages. In the past, women used to walk over a hill to the nearest well. Now their journey is much shorter: even the furthest villager now has to walk "only" 5 minutes to reach the treasure trove of water.
The local government has undertaken to maintain the well and keep it clean.

We will continue with the projects we started earlier: In Kasai Central province we are funding surgical activities, in Sankuru we are funding screening campaigns. We are also supporting pioneering activities to equip and train pastors and church members to work together to eradicate the stigma and exclusion that still exists today. The word of pastors in daily contact with many people and in authority is a powerful force in dispelling millennia of spiritual darkness.


We remain loyal to Kolkata, where we continue to support the operations of the Premananda leprosy hospital.

Thanks to a generous donor, we were able to replace the old, outdated sterilisation block at Calcutta Hospital with a brand new, state-of-the-art one. The equipment, inaugurated on March 6, will greatly raise the standard of care at Premananda Hospital.

We also extended our assistance to the hospital in Vadathorasalur, Tamil Nadu.

A few months ago, Dr Helen Roberts (pictured), former Chief Ophthalmologist General of Calcutta, became the head of this 103-year-old International Leprosy Society.

A keratometre as part of the catch-up of the hospital's hitherto rudimentary ophthalmology activities,

and donated eye examination equipment to Vadathorasalur.

The instruments vital to the care of the huge patient flow are already in use.

Namaste! - A woman cured of leprosy thanks our Hungarian supporters with a happy smile for the ophthalmic equipment.


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