The Bridge

The Bridge: a daily devotional collection of the International Lepramism Society

In May 2015, while gardening, God spoke to me in a special way: 'Gather lepers around the world, active and former, to write daily devotions that can then be used daily in our institutions around the world and individually. Let this be a spiritual bridge between North and South, West and East." That's how I got the heavenly plan ready, that's how the Bridge was born! It just had to be implemented...

Since I have been involved in the work of the World Organisation since 1994, I have known most of the leaders and many of the staff from all the member countries over the decades. Many of them are now retired, but they have a strong spiritual bond with the organisation, as Lepramism is a lifelong vocation.

The response to this invitation has been very willing and numerous, and has continued ever since. On a monthly basis, I collect and edit devotions, which I send out on a huge mailing list to the 33 member countries of the International Lepramism Union and to many individual collaborators. Every day, with the help of these, working silences are held in hospitals, offices, private homes, and in the process we all experience the cohesive power of a common cause in every corner of the globe, physically very far away but spiritually very close to each other.

I would like our English-reading Hungarian supporters to join the spiritual circulation of the International Lepramism Mission through Bridge and taste the good taste of the mission!

You are welcome to use it!

Ms Márta Fazekas Riskón