Every donation helps and is gratefully received!

Every donation helps and is gratefully received!

Give a pair of shoes as a gift!

For around 6 000 HUF, a leprosy patient can get a pair of rubber sandals to protect their feet!
For about 7 000 HUF a leprosy patient can get a pair of soft shoes

Cure a patient!

It takes about 10 000 HUF to give a moderately infected patient a full cure!

Offer a hand surgery!

For around 40 000 HUF, a patient can have both hands operated on and have their crooked fingers straightened and made usable again!

Give the gift of a home to a family!

For around 150 000 HUF, a patient and his/her family can have a modest but healthy home in which they can live safely!

Donate a well to a municipality!

Donate around 400 000 HUF to donate a well to a community in the Congo to provide thousands of people with healthy, clean drinking water.

Organise an event to benefit the Lepramis Mission!

If you are a community leader, invite the Lepramissiio to give a presentation. We are happy to go out and promote our work at community and church events, schools, summer festivals, clubs.

Donation options

You can transfer your donation from your own account or pay it at a bank branch to the following account number of the Lepramissiio:

11702036-20705549 Like all OTP bank account numbers, the account number of the Lepramissiio consists of 8 characters twice. If the system asks you to fill in the third eight-digit unit during the transfer, please fill it in with 8 0's. Thank you!

From abroad, you can transfer your donation to the following account number:


If you wish to send your donation by card or PayPal, please provide all the following information:

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