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Infectious? Would we catch leprosy if we were among the sick? Is it hereditary? A fatal disease? How long does it take to develop? Can leprosy be prevented? Find the answers in this article.

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Leprosy today

Unfortunately, millions of people in Asia, Africa and South America still suffer from leprosy today! 80% of the world's leprosy patients live in India.

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Leprosy in the past

It is one of the oldest diseases of mankind. 1750 BC: The Code of Hammurabi mentions that "lepers are to be excluded from society".

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Curing leprosy

Yes, leprosy is now curable! The cure for leprosy has been greatly accelerated. Within 24 hours of starting to take the medicine, the infection in the body stops. The good news of a cure is very hard to spread.

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The grandfather was sick,...

Shame stamp

For thousands of years, the stigma has been the greatest emotional pain for people with leprosy and their relatives. The stigma is a far greater pain than the disease itself!

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Symptoms of leprosy

The most common outward symptom of leprosy in the early stages is a change in skin colour, with light patches appearing on dark skin. The pathogen first attacks the most delicate nerve endings: the sensory nerves close to the skin surface.

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Description of leprosy

Leprosy is one of the oldest afflictions of mankind, but it is still with us today. Today, every two minutes someone on Earth is diagnosed with leprosy, and every fifth is a child!

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