Leprosy Mission - Hungary

Our story

Just 100 years after Wellesley Bailey's inspiration, Károly Dobos (1902-2004), then 72 years old, a retired Reformed pastor, was called to compassion for lepers in Hungary.

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Our vision for the future

We want people with leprosy to be cured and to live happy lives, so that leprosy can be eradicated from human history. We want to play an active role in making this happen.

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Our mission statement

We are certain that we Hungarians must also contribute to solving the pains of humanity with our own means. It is a joy to give, it is good to do good! People are changed by our help!

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Who are we?

A Christian charity founded in Hungary in 1974, which aims to cure the world's most destitute leprosy patients, to restore their lives, restore their dignity and uplift themselves and their families.

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