Nobel Peace Prize 2018

It's great news that Denis Mukwege has been named one of the Nobel Peace Prize laureates! Among his many and varied activities, he has been an advocate and activist for the Lepramism Movement in his native Congo. He is pictured here with the leader of the Congolese Lepramism Society (in cover), Dr Sabuni Palluku, and the Director of the Swedish Lepramism Society, Allan Ekstedt, in Bukavu.

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For our Spring Mission Day and the Lepramissiio - Hungary short general assembly on Saturday, 3 June 2023 at 10 am at the church of the Reformed Congregation of Bp-Törökőr.


A cry from the destruction

The Director of the Myanmar Leprosy Mission has reached out to all leprosy member countries, including us, for help. They ask and hope that we can contribute to the recovery from the terrible devastation.


World Leprosy Day

29.01.2023 - The last Sunday in January each year, "World Leprosy Day", is a time of hope for our patients. They look to us to represent them worldwide