the autumn programme morning of the Lepramissiio, a supporters' and staff meeting,
which will be held on Saturday, 7 October 2023, from 10 am to about 2 pm in Bp. X. Kerepesi út 69.
In the room under the Reformed Church in Rákosfalva
(You can get there from Örs vezér tér by bus 67 or 45, which stop in front of the church, or by Hévelle 1 stop to Rákosfalvá, then a short walk back. Or on foot, along the left side of Árkád, along the sidewalk.)

On the show:

Lecture by Dr. Nándor Müllner and Mrs. Margit Szabó Müllnern:

150 years after the lid fell on the secret! Discovery of the leprosy pathogen - Armauer Hansen

There will also be a presentation of our supported projects, poems, songs and spiritual advice.

We invite our Supporters, Colleagues: come to the event! Everyone is welcome!
Invite others to get to know our work!
After the show, we can meet and chat over sandwiches and refreshments.

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