Thanks to

We thank our Supporters for sending their donations with the same loyalty as they did on the good days!
We thank you for having felt the need for leprosy patients then, and for doing the same now, in these unexpected and difficult days for us!
Thank you for not forgetting those whose lives are not only temporarily but permanently miserable, and who rely on us to change that!
God bless our dear Supporters!

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Silent Wonders

We welcome our colleagues, supporters and all those interested to what promises to be a very nice evening.


Father Damien

Today marks the 135th anniversary of the death of Father Damien, a Belgian-born Roman Catholic priest and missionary who died of leprosy on Molokai Island, Hawaii.



May God bless our great leprosy missionary in charge, Aunt Irénke Károlyné Szlukovinyi, who recently celebrated her 92nd birthday.



We welcome our Supporters, Staff and Interested Parties living in and around Balatonalmádi to our event on 2 March 2024 at 10:00 am.