It's about their future!

Five-year-old Sonia from India has the tell-tale signs of leprosy on her face

Little Sonia's beautiful face in India shows the first telltale signs of leprosy: lighter patches of fair, dark skin. If she is treated with medication at this stage, the disease will stop spreading completely. Sonia's hands and feet will not be crippled and her vision will not be impaired by leprosy. No one will even know she had leprosy as a child! She will be able to study, get married and have a happy life!

Let's help her and her little ones to do it all!

While you were reading this letter,
Once again, a fellow human being somewhere on Earth has been diagnosed with leprosy.
Every 2 minutes about someone!
30 persons per hour!
Among them 6 children!
720 of our fellow human beings every day!
Among them 144 children!


And they're the lucky ones who have at least been diagnosed with the disease, because they've made it to the doctor! They can be cured! The number of those who cannot or dare not even get to a specialist, to the threshold of recovery, is much higher!

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Regular help

In our village and in the area, there was a very strong antipathy towards leprosy patients. The Leprosy Mission staff changed this with regular help.