A cry from the destruction

We were approached with a cry for help by the Director of our project partner, the Myanmar Leprosy Society, Dr Zaw Moe Aung. The people of this long-suffering country have been under military occupation by their own army since February 2021. Crisis, impoverishment and total political-economic chaos demand a heroic stand from everyone in Myanmar.

In this dire situation, Cyclone Mocha also hit the country a few days ago, wreaking havoc, barely 15 years after the terrible disaster caused by Cyclone Nargis! The elemental forces are directly affecting the site of one of the orthopaedic programmes supported by the Lepramissiio - Hungary in Sittwe, our staff and our beneficiaries! The heartbreaking images are just a fraction of all the unmitigated devastation the cyclone has wrought in the destruction of our staff's homes, the total destruction of infrastructure, the collapse of lives.

The Director of the Myanmar Leprosy Mission has reached out to all leprosy member countries, including us, for help. They are asking and hoping that we can contribute to the recovery from the terrible destruction, especially to the rehabilitation of the homes of our staff. We are part of a big family that spans the world, and they are counting on us now, as we count on them every day as a family.

We respectfully ask for the help of all people and communities of good will! We are looking for your support to our account number 11702036-20705549. To donate www.lepramisszio.hu via our website. We kindly ask you to include the name and contact details of the donor and the reference "Mocha cyclone". All donations count, are gratefully received and will be forwarded to the Myanmar Leprosy Mission in the most reliable and fastest way. 

Thank you very much!

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