"I want to. Be clean" (Matthew 8:3)

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Every year on the last Sunday of January, the various strata of the Dadi Reformed Parish - adults, children's worshippers and even the youngest, the kindergarteners - commemorate World Leprosy Day.

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Pictures, testimonies, and above all the Word of God have helped us this year to imagine the physical and spiritual depths in which these patients live, regardless of age or gender.
At the same time, we gave thanks for the providential love of God, who sees beyond the sores and wounds, who sees the MAN, the lost, in the bearers of these wounds, and who goes after these lives with his merciful love, to heal their souls as well as their physical afflictions.

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We remember with thanksgiving those missionaries of blessed lives who continue to be obedient instruments of God's service today.
At the same time, this day helped us to realise that we are spiritually carrying the same wounds, the same festering sores. They may not always be visible, but they are infecting and oppressing our lives. The little ones listened with open minds to the story of "The Little Heart", which confronted them with their sinfulness and showed them the possibility of rebirth. Thus the healing word of Jesus and the opportunity it offered: 'I will. Be cleansed" (Matthew 8:3) spoke to young and old alike this Sunday.
Although we are able to support the work of the Lepramis Mission financially on a modest scale, we feel it is important to reach out from our own circles from time to time and believe that the spiritual sowing we seek to do in this area in our congregations is a good thing.

Pastors Tímea Kovácsné Gombos and Tamás Kovács

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