Little Jang's fate takes a turn for the better

Little Jang's fate has turned for the better

Little Yang lived in a tiny "leprosy rehabilitation" village with about 40 perfectly healthy adults and children. They all lived in the 'rehabilitation' village because of a previous leprosy illness of their grandparent or great-grandparent, which had been cured long ago. Little Jang's grandmother was once a leper.

The little girl was five years old when her mother married in another rehabilitation village. Little Yang's only friend was her sister. She had never even heard of children going to school. She didn't even know what school was. All he knew was that his paternal grandfather's family didn't like them. But he did not know why. As he grew older, he became more and more lonely and missed his mother more and more. He did not like to ask his father questions about his daughter.

In 2005, "strangers" arrived in the village (Lepramisation workers). Little Yang learned from them that he could go to school in a big city! She was terrified: what would she do without her father? Where is this city? What will it be like? But they explained to him that school is a very good thing! So when they were taken with her sister and several other children from the rehabilitation village to the big city, she was no longer afraid. She was 9 years old. Because she didn't speak Mandarin, she was put in a kindergarten class to learn and mature for school. Little Yang studied well and very diligently. He quickly caught up with his peers.

In college, the governess became a mother and role model for life, instead of a mother. Little Jang's dream is to become a teacher herself, and to be as radiant a person as her governess!

Little Yang is now about to graduate from high school. After that comes further studies. He is preparing for college. She and her high school sister know that without the Lepramissiion, they would never have had a chance! Their wounds have healed and their future is bright. They are very grateful for the help.

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