Hope for Ranil

Ranil, 10, from India, faces the future with fear and sadness, unlike his healthy peers. It's all down to one word: leprosy.

Ranil lives with his uncle and three older siblings, as his parents are day labourers in a town a good 100 km away.

A few years ago, Ranil's family noticed the telltale spots on his face and arms, but as he was in no pain, they didn't take him to the doctor! Later, they went to the village butcher who applied ointment on the spots. Nothing worked, but the spots got bigger and bigger.

That's when the parents decided they needed to look for a better cure.

This is how they got to the leprosy hospital in Purulia, which they had heard about from "someone". They set off for Purulia on the hottest day of the year!

There, unfortunately, the diagnosis soon became clear: Ranil had leprosy! In fact, after testing family members, it turned out that his mother and uncle also had advanced leprosy!

Ranil is very ashamed of his spots. He doesn't feel like doing anything. Especially not to study! - ...even though he used to love going to school.

In addition to healing, we also need to give back the joy of life, confidence and hope! This is much harder than the treatments!

In the hospitals of the International Leprosy Federation, all patients receive comprehensive help in physical, mental, spiritual and social terms!

There is hope for Ranil too!

(Visit our website: https://www.lepramisszio.hu)

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