The charismatic Jorge

Jorge is a proponent of the curability of leprosy.

His sense of humour is a source of joy to everyone he meets. He brings life and hope to his village of Namatu, where he and his family have lived for 70 years.

Usually you can see a big smile on his face, but that wasn't always the case. Jorge lived in the shadow of leprosy for a long time. The disease attacked his nervous system and made his hands numb. Unrecognised wounds became infected and his fingers began to atrophy. As a farmer, he must have been shocked at his inability to work and provide for his family. But everything changed the day he received the necessary treatment for leprosy, a simple course of anitbiotics. This treatment prevented further disability and saved his job.

Today - thanks to supporters like you - Jorge is still a respected farmer. At the same time, he has taken on a new role in the community: as an advocate for leprosy, he is reaching out to fellow leprosy patients in the village and helping them get treatment. He regularly speaks about leprosy at village meetings, explaining why it is so important to seek medical attention as soon as the first symptoms are noticed.

Jorge is still passionate about farming and looking after his family, but he has a new mission: to fight leprosy.

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