Alina's story

Alina, 13, found out she had leprosy three years ago. She had to wait a year for treatment. She had swollen bumps and spots on her ankles and around her waist, but she didn't know what they were. Her fingers started to stiffen after she didn't get the right medication. Her grandparents are now taking care of her: her mother works far away as a domestic worker and her father left her when the infection was discovered. Although she feels loved, she often cries and is in pain. Her favourite Bible verse is the one in which Jesus sends his disciples to preach the Scriptures. Her plan is to go to a church college and work as a missionary. He wants to be healed and feels he will be.


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On a ditch, on a bush

Through ditches, bushes, hills, valleys, rivers and ravines, our Congolese staff are on their way to carry out the leprosy screening programme we support.


Regular help

In our village and in the area, there was a very strong antipathy towards leprosy patients. The Leprosy Mission staff changed this with regular help.