The story of Samir

Little Samir bursts into sobs: "I don't want to be like my uncle!"
But why doesn't this little boy want to be like his uncle?

Her little heart is full of fear and dread. Samir lives with his parents and uncle in a small village in the village of Leprosy. His father and uncle were former lepers. They have been cured, but the uncle's hands have been permanently scarred by the disease. The small family lives on the modest earnings of Samir's father.
For the past four months, the little boy has been experiencing frightening signs: as if he couldn't feel pain with his fingertips... It was his uncle who recognised them: signs of leprosy!
"I don't want to be like my uncle!" cries Samir, and despite his fear, this is a very good sign. Because it's a way to heal!
His parents and uncle already know: it is not the discovery of the disease that is to be feared, but the permanent damage! So they took Samir to a doctor as soon as possible, and he was immediately given the necessary medication. After a few months, his body will be cleared of all infections and no one will ever know that Samir was once infected with the leprosy pathogen!

The Lepramis Mission helps patients in every possible way: through healing, education, encouragement, health education. We want more children and adults to have the courage to see a doctor at the first sign of symptoms!

Help us to do this! Every donation helps and is gratefully received!

That's how Samir's crying turned the rest of his life around!

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