The amazing story of Fasmina

Our Sri Lankan staff visited his village to screen for leprosy infections. Unfortunately, Fasmina was also showing symptoms and immediately after diagnosis, treatment began. Nothing will be revealed about her ever having had leprosy, as she was treated very early: at the first sign!

We want to give this to all patients, because they deserve it! We are moving every stone, fighting with official organisations and governments around the world to make sure that leprosy patients everywhere can get help as fast as Fasmina!

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On a ditch, on a bush

Through ditches, bushes, hills, valleys, rivers and ravines, our Congolese staff are on their way to carry out the leprosy screening programme we support.


Regular help

In our village and in the area, there was a very strong antipathy towards leprosy patients. The Leprosy Mission staff changed this with regular help.