History of Kismatul

If we look at Kismatul, we would not even think: his whole life before was full of failure, bitterness! He was born in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. Like most of his fellow villagers, he remained illiterate. He worked as a day labourer for a farmer. Whatever he earned was not enough to live on.

Her fortunes were turned around when WEALTH, a partner organisation of the Leprosy Mission of India that supports disadvantaged women, offered her the opportunity to learn. She applied at a very young age. As a child, she began learning the mysteries of literacy and numeracy. She succeeded!

Later, she joined a self-help group, where her life almost "blossomed" in a loving and supportive environment. She turned out to have excellent organisational skills! Soon Kismatul became the leader of the group, and today she supports disadvantaged women and girls like the one she was not so long ago!

"I am the happiest now! - says. It feels so good to see someone's whole life change! It's no big deal! It just takes a little help and a lot of love! - says Kismatul.

You are right!

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