World Day of People with Disabilities (3 December)

 On this day, we remember the hundreds of thousands of people who sought protection under the wings of the Lepramissiion

In many countries, there is no help or fairness for our fellow human beings who are impaired and limited in their mobility, either by birth or as a result of an accident or illness! Moreover! They are often seen as a burden by their families, and many are left to fend for themselves, excluded from the community.

Half a success where the family is already looking for a solution!

Without exception, the Lepramissiion institutions pay great attention to young and old people with disabilities and their families. Unfortunately, untreated leprosy is associated with early onset of disability, which could be avoided by early diagnosis and medication!

Many people become disabled because of leprosy. This could be completely avoidable!

For people with reduced mobility, our mission provides all the help they need, from surgery and physiotherapy to minor or major aids. And they experience being able to stand on their feet, use their hands, walk and travel with dignity, and earn a living despite their physical disabilities.

We give children with disabilities the chance of a lifetime!

This comprehensive, unprecedented care is also a major force in shaping social consciousness, because it shows the way of Christian care in the given context: that no one should suffer disadvantage despite his or her lack, but should be an equally valuable member of the human community!

Craft employment

A "Our help/How can you help?" you will also find details on how to help! Thank you!

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