Parbati Bista

"I was diagnosed with leprosy eight years ago. I became suspicious when spots appeared on my skin and my hands became weak. I was terrified of these signs. Living in a remote village, people ostracised me. They even managed to get my brother to disown me! They told me that I could no longer stay at home. All objects, including my plate, were separated from the others.

I am very happy now. I couldn't walk for eight years. Now I am happy that I have learned to walk! Before the operation I was just crawling on my knees.

My life has changed dramatically. When I first arrived in Ananda, I was very well looked after. I was taught to read and write. With the support of the hospital, I was later able to open a small business. My life has changed completely. I can live on my own two feet. I am very happy.

I would like to thank all those who helped me for their kindness. I ask for their blessings. Thank you very much!" - Parbati Bista from Nepal briefly shared her life story.

Parbati's father died a year ago. His brother lives in a different country now. He does not see his nieces and nephews. His small business is doing well.

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