Thresia, who overcame his own stigma

Thresia's mother died when she was very young. She was diagnosed with the disease when she was eight years old. Although she started taking medication, she developed ulcers on her legs which prevented her from walking.

But most of all, he suffered from his own stigma. This applies to many people with leprosy, because they are ashamed and hide their illness. Unfortunately, Thresia was no different.

"At school, I was inferior among my peers. Then I dropped out of school once because of it. My friends stopped talking to me. When I saw them, I was out. I imagined that they would exclude me, so I didn't even go among them."

The turning point in Thresia's life came when the Lepramissiion reached under her arm. "They gave me so much confidence that I dared to go to school again. I was very encouraged not to be afraid! It's so good to go back to school now! I also spend a lot of my free time with my friends. I lost all my hope and the mission gave it back."

Now Thresia is encouraging her fellow citizens. "I want to tell the girls that I was like them. I want to encourage them to continue their studies and not to let leprosy overpower their lives! I know that this defeated pathogen can no longer destroy me!"

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