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It is with joy and gratitude that we announce that László Bódis, Baptist pastor, has been elected President of our Mission for the period until the end of January 2023.

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World Leprosy Day

30.01.2022 - The last Sunday in January each year, "World Leprosy Day", is a time of hope for our patients. They look to us to represent them worldwide.

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World/view - Lepramisszio - Conversation with Martha Riskóné Fazekas (2024.03.18 reformatus.hu) Hungarian Grandmothers series - Conversation

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The past year has been particularly difficult for the people of Myanmar. We are happy to be in the country with our support from Hungary to provide assistance.

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Nobel Prize - 2021

There is a link between the ability to touch and mental and physical health. It is a moving honour for people with leprosy worldwide.

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